What you will learn

The eBMS User Bootcamp will teach you about the features common to all Nimblex platforms. You will learn:

  • Some Nimblex concepts
  • The Features of an eForm
  • How to use and create Tabular Reports
  • How to use and create Charting Reports

What is Nimblex?

Nimblex is a comprehensive, uniquely customizable, web-based process management framework. It has been successfully used for contract management, customer relationship management, incident and hazard reporting and investigation, project management, and much more. Systems built on Nimblex share an underlying platform that includes features such as advanced workflow, scheduling, permissions and business intelligence. This ‘automatic’ inclusion of advanced features allows us to package comprehensive systems at a low cost. The platform is available either as a hosted solution, or installed onto servers managed by our customers as needed.

How can Nimblex help me?

Nimblex helps organisations to automate management processes in an affordable and effective way. You might have a number of ‘unstructured’ or ‘informal’ processes which reside in paper or spreadsheet based systems. You may even have an old legacy system which is too expensive to upgrade and are looking for an alternative solution. eBMS uses a highly flexible and innovative web based software (The eBMS Platform) to automate processes. The features of our web based platform will help you to:

  • Do more with less effort and at a higher quality
  • Conduct affordable, rapid & robust process automation
  • Become better organised
  • Makes your organisation more agile
  • Drive & implement process improvement
  • Make better decisions, faster

Key features include:

  • Highly flexible platform that can be tailored to your needs
  • Dashboard & Flexible Reporting
  • Management of Workflow requirements
  • Automated reminders & communication
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • Flexible reporting for all your Business Information needs
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